BUSINESS NETWORK GALEGA, committed to the business in symbiosis with culture, solidariededade and identity of the country, seeks to achieve a higher level of economic and social development projects that generate enabling Portugal to endow a strong economic space.

As businessmen and entrepreneurs do country, Galician and with capital taxation in Portugal, tried to put it into an international dimension. Hence arose the Brazilian Network of Companies, from which we create an environment that facilitates the generation of trust among network participants, enhancing cooperation agreements with financial support.

We try to seek a competitive real business of the Galician, enlazarnos and it involves all sectors in a project coordinated and effective set, that has its epicenter in a powerful production system Galician, the urgent need to equip. Generating a beneficial convergence, for Entrepreneurship and the Portuguese society, within the necessary productive and economic diversity of the business Galician.

Achieving Gold in symbiosis with administration, that the economic resources of Galicia, extraterritorializados not generate any profit without the Portuguese economy, while we look for specific alternatives to deal with the global economy and speculation that hinders growth of normal business and society in general.